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Tickets can be ordered via e-mail to tickets@eurovision-weekend.de, also find some information about the Eurovision Weekend 2018 on our Facebook site !

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A big, big thank you to everyone, who contributed to making the
Eurovision Weekend 2017 more than just another summer night !

Thank you to our Eurovision Stars, to twelve fantastic contestants of the OGAEvision Song Contest and congratulations to the winner, Rilli Willow and OGAE Israel, and thank you to everyone, who celebrated his and her love for Eurovision with us !

Find some impressions on our Facebook site, and some reviews and press pictures here.


Update: Axel Feige is our German artist at the Eurovision Weekend

Our German Eurovision artist in the Gala of the Eurovision Weekend will be the runner-up in this year's German preselection,
Axel Feige. He is looking forward to meeting so many Eurovision fans that supported him, and besides his songs from the German national final he will sing some of his own songs as well as his peronal Eurovision favourites.

Welcome Axel!


Update: Martina Bárta comes to the Eurovision Weekend

We are very happy to announce, that also this year's Czech artist in the Eurovision Song Contest, Martina Bárta, is coming to the Eurovision Weekend, she will perform and meet the Eurovision fans on Sunday at the Sonntags-Club.

Welcome Martina!


Our Maltese Eurovision Stars:


Welcome Kurt Calleja, Claudia Faniello and Glen Vella !


The partner fan club of the 2017 edition of the Eurovision Weekend is OGAE Malta

For more information go to the Eurovision Weekend 2017 site, for the programme and further details see the invitation.

Tickets are available via e-mail, contact form or online.


In summer 2012 a new Eurovision fan event debuted: The Eurovision Weekend in Berlin. It was a huge three days' celebration organised together with the fan club from Finland.

In 2013, the fan club from Israel teamed up with the ESC fans from Berlin, and it was a magic weekend.

In 2014, the Eurovision Weekend was organised together with the fan club from the United Kingdom.

In 2015, the Danish fan club was the partner fan club of the Eurovision Weekend.

In 2016, for the fifth anniversary, OGAE Netherlands co-hosted the Eurovision Weekend.

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Besides the German fan clubs OGAE Germany and EC Germany there is a different member fan club of OGAE International hosting the Eurovision Weekend. So far our partner fan clubs were: