The OGAEvision/ FANvision Song Contest has established a new tradition for the Eurovision Weekend: The winning fan club was asked to become the next co-host of the Eurovision in Berlin:

2016: OGAEvision winner Sebastian Calleja representing OGAE Malta
2017: Co-Host OGAE Malta

2017: OGAEvision winner Rilli Willow representing OGAE Israel
2018: Co-host OGAE Israel

In 2018 OGAE Malta won OGAEvision for the second time within three editions of the contest with Grecia Bezzina, which lead to another enhancement of the Eurovision Weekend: It became even more international and was hosted by winning fan club OGAE Malta in Malta.

In 2019 Eurovision Club Germany nominated Mirko Buljan and his version of "You Let Me Walk Alone", "BrĂ¼der", and with Mirko's victory of the fan contest now called FANvision Song Contest, ECG won the right to host the next contest and Eurovision Weekend.

The board of ECG decided to host the next Eurovision Weekend in Stuttgart, which due to Covid-19 had to be cancelled and is now to be planned for 2021.

Meanwhile the two German fan clubs had applied to OGAE International to acknowledge the fan contest, a draft for rules has been shaped by a commission of international fan clubs, the decision about acknowledgement of the OGAEvision/ FANvision Song Contest is expected in 2021.