A big, big thank you to everyone, who contributed to making the

Eurovision Weekend 2018 such a great time
for Summer Melodies only for you !

Thank you to our Eurovision Stars, to nine fantastic contestants of the OGAEvision Song Contest and congratulations to the winner, Grecia Bezzina and OGAE Malta, and thank you to everyone, who celebrated his and her love for Eurovision with us !

Find some impressions on our Facebook site, and some reviews and press pictures here.


Welcome to the Eurovision Weekend homepage

Tickets can be ordered via e-mail to tickets@eurovision-weekend.de, contact form or online (including 2 € service fee per ticket), also find some information about the Eurovision Weekend 2018 on the Eurovision Weekend 2018 site, for the programme and further details see the invitation or find regular updates also on our Facebook site !


We are very happy and honoured that Cindy Berger
confirmed her appearance at the Eurovision Weekend 2018 !

Welcome Cindy !


Our first confirmed Israeli Eurovision Star is Moran Mazor !

Our first confirmed German Eurovision Star is Bianca Shomburg !

Welcome Moran and Bianca !


The partner fan club of the 2018 edition of the Eurovision Weekend

is OGAE Israel for the second time

After having hosted the Eurovision Weekend 2013 together OGAE Israel last year won the OGAEvision Song Contest and so was offered the priviledge to co-host the following Eurovision Weekend again.
The Berlin Eurovision Weekend team was very happy OGAE Israel accepted and will be the partner fan club for a second time in 2018.

For the detailed programme and further details see the invitation, tickets are available via e-mail, contact form or online.