And the winner is...

Sebastian Calleja from Malta

The Maltese entry to the first OGAE-vision Song Contst won the competion, with Portugal runner-up and Italy in third place.

Here's the full result:

The contestants

Every day we present one contestant for the first OGAE-vision Song Contest, so come back until you know them all !

 United Kingdom



Karl William Lund
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 OGAE United Kingdom

 Aron Promnitz
Facebook | #aronpromnitz
OGAE Sweden

 Daniela Stefanelli
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OGAE Italy

Karl William Lund was part of this years UK national final narrowly missing out to Joe & Jake. Karl performed his track ‘Miracle’ which was written and produced by himself. His new album ‘Oracle’ is being released, which has been crowd funded by fans and followers.

My name is Aron Promnitz. I'm 27 years old and I come from Sweden. I live in Stockholm but grow up in Uddevalla, outside Göteborg.
I started to play piano and sing when I was 8 years old and after that I can't live without the music. I live and breath for the music. Since I was 12 years old I have played at many different stages, bars, cafes, clubs, on the street, at parties, festivals, competitions, in trams, U-bahn und schnellban. I like to write and sing my own songs but I also sing covers. Recently I made success as a schlager-nerd in a reality TV-show in Sweden. In this clip I was introduced for the Swedish TV-viewers:
I like to relax with friends on my free time and also travel and explore things.
A part of my passion for music is of course Eurovision like everyone else in Sweden. I like to sing Karaoke and do Melodifestivalen and Eurovision songs. My first Eurovision experience and memory is when Charlotte Perrelli won Eurovision 1999. This year was great when experiencing Eurovision in Stockholm. I felt love and come together spirit in town and there was so many beautiful men all over the place. I wish it was always like that every day.
After this summer I will continue to live my dream with music even more as I was accepted in though concurrence to a Singer-Songwriter Academy and will start to study my greatest passion for full-time.
Music is my drug
When I was a child I felt like an UFO - now I feel like I’m the sun.
Here I come to Berlin with a hand full of love! 

Buonasera! Hey guys, I am Daniela Stefanelli, 18 years old. I live in a small city in the South of Italy named Potenza, but I am soon going to move away for studies. I am super excited to join the Eurovision weekend, it’s going to be a fantastic experience, since I’ve never sung abroad in such an international contest! Italy was not in the Eurovision for 13 years, so I started recently to watch it and enjoyed the last editions. Generally I don't sing on big stages, I'm particularly active in my region's blues music ground even if I had the opportunities to sing in Mogol's CET academy and to open the scene to some more famous groups from the South of Italy, like Management del dolore postoperatorio and Musicamanovella.







 Jan Vehar
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 Call Me Survivor
Verena   Tim   Florian | #callmesurvivor
OGAE Germany | EC Germany

Jan Demulder
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OGAE Belgium 

My name is Jan Vehar, I'm from Slovenia and I'm more than delighted to be a part of the very first OGAEvision Song Contest, which will be in Berlin this year, for a very first time.
Eurovision has been a very important thing in my life since I was a little child, so far I remember watching it among with my family every year.
Been at the three Eurovisions already, in Copenhagen, city which brought me my first Eurovision memories in Live, as well as Vienna and Stockholm - working there as a press for various medias in Slovenia.
Last year I premiered my first cover, which is actually Eurovision related, it's Melfest entry from 2007, "Cara Mia", I also recorded my very first music video which is still available on YouTube:
Can't wait to step into Berlin stage!

The group „Call me survivor“ consists of three friends from Germany: Verena, Tim and Flo. The passion for eurovision and music brought them together a few years ago. Tim and Flo already took part in the Berlin contest several times. This year they will perform as a trio for the very first time. 

I'm Jan Demulder, Belgian, passion for music and good food, traveling and meet friends all over Europe.
My connection to the Song Contest is that I work for Eurovision since 2008. I produce videos for the official Eurovision Youtube channel so fans can enjoy the contest behind the scenes.
As a young guy I was a backing vocal for some Belgian artists and in the eighties, together with some friends, I had a number 1 carnival song in Flanders.
My first Eurovision memorie was Ann Christie's song "Gelukkig zijn" and the winner of that year, Dingedong by Teach-in, representing The Netherlands. 



The Netherlands



 Mikal Johansen
Facebook | #mikaljohansen
OGAE Denmark

Patryk Smolarek
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René de Beer
Facebook | #renedebeer
OGAE Nederland

I’m Mikal Johansen, a 39 year old teacher. I have two hobbies, which means a lot to me. One of them is Eurovision, that I follow closely, and the other one is acting and singing. I am very excited to be able to unite my two hobbies by participating in OGAE Cover Contest.

Even though I am from Denmark, I won’t be singing a Danish song in the contest, but a song from one of Denmark’s neighboring countries.

It is a song that I love and think is very beautiful, and I’m looking forward to singing it for you.

Patryk Smolarek is a pop-singer, composer and producer from Poland. He won the international "home composed song contest".
His passion for music let him also reach the final of "The voice of Polonia" and gave him an honor of representing his country at the international "golden melody festival" on Cyprus.
In 2011 together with a German singer Mave O'Rick he proposed a song called "The Story" to the Swiss preselection to the Eurovision Song Contest. The song became a big success and it's played regularly by ESC Radio.
The biggest dream of Patryk is to stand one day on the Eurovision stage.

Hi, I’m René de Beer, I live in the Dutch town of Oudenbosch and represents OGAE The Netherlands. In daily life, I’m working at a taxi company.
As a child I sang in children's and youth choirs, and occasionally in a local musical. But my musical highlights are surely an entry in the Guinness Book of Records by singing 30 hours consecutively, and a few years later his duet on Dutch television with singer Karin Bloemen.
At a young age he was interested in music and of course the Eurovision Song Contest as well. His first memory goes back to 1982, when Nicole won with "Ein bichen Frieden". Since then he has hardly skipped a year. In 2011 the song contest was held in Düsseldorf and for René nearby. It was then that he decided to visit the event for the very first time.
His free time he spends both listening to music and singing a lot. He has a broad interest ranging from jazz to pop to classical. Favorite musical tastes include beautiful English easy-listening songs but also the bombastic arrangements of big bands and orchestras such as the Dutch Metropole Orchestra.
Another passion is the annual National COC Song Contest (of which he has been organizer, participant, and volunteer). This contest encourages participants and writers to create songs with a theme that fits the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. In recent years he has been a member of the group that supports the continuity of the festival, a bit like the EBU does for ESC.





 Egor Lutsenko
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 Daniel Pereira
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 Sebastian Celleja
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OGAE Malta

My name is Egor, I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Siberia.
I studied to be an economist, but did not work in their specialty; I do what like - music, write songs, learning to soundengineer.
My passion - is Eurovision. The dream - to get as a participant. Since childhood, I watched the competition on TV, and then decided to see personally, from 2012 went as a spectator, then worked as a press. I work on internet radio sound engineer. Three times participated in the qualifying competitions for the Eurovision Song Contest. I like to travel and I dream to visit all the countries of Europe. And find my love:)

Daniel Pereira, 22 years old from Portugal.
There's a special reason why I started to sing.
Peace, freedom, passion are the most important words in Human life.
Eurovision is a show with a lot of Talent people from everywhere and where you can find friends from everywhere! That's why I love it!
I identify myself as a fighter, persistent person, sociable and a lovely person.
My favorite singer is Amy Winehouse and favourite song "Back to Black".

Sebastian Calleja 18 years old from Qormi Malta.
At the moment I am a studying for banking.
My mentor is Glen Vella who represented Malta in 2011.
My past experiences which are more relevant were in 2014 when I was selected to represent Malta in San Remo Junior Italy.
Currently I am one of the resident singer on Hadd Ghalik, a TV programme on the national tv station TVM.
The first most relevant memory I have of Eurovision was of 2002.

Idea and rules

The Eurovision Weekend celebrates its 5th anniversary and introduces a new element to the Song Contest among Eurovision fans:

Instead of a pure Fans-Sing-For-Fans-Contest 10 fan clubs are asked to nominate a candidate representing their fan club in the OGAE-vision Song Contest of the Eurovision Weekend and competing for the best act. So it’s not only a competition between different fans, but also between the fan clubs, that take part. So we invite all member organisations of OGAE international as well as the regional groups of the German fan clubs to register as soon as possible, if you want to take part. You then chose one act, it’s completely up to you how ! Any Eurovision entry or preselection entry is allowed, but no song can be sung twice, and songs from the past four years can also not enter the competition.
Only the first 10 fan clubs to register will be in the competition…

Idea: 10 representatives of fan clubs compete in the OGAE-vision Song Contest

Entry: Every member fan club of OGAE International can nominate a candidate for the OGAE-vision Song Contest, the Leadership Team of each fan club decides about the procedure of the nomination.

Juries: During the contest representatives of each competing fan club build the fan club jury, plus every guest has one vote.

Voting: The participating fan clubs award points from 1 to 12 and - like in Eurovision - you cannot vote for your own fan club. The voting procedure is like in former Eurovision times (all votes announced by one spokesperson of the participating fan clubs), the public vote in the end reveals the winner.

Nominations: Every member fan club of OGAE International can take part, but there are only 10 acts in the contest, so a quick confirmation of the participation in general is recommended.
The nomination of the act itself has to be given to the organising team until the 31st of May 2016.

Support: The fan clubs nominating acts are asked to support their entry like a delegation and give their acts the best possible conditions to be successful (any idea welcome)