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 United Kingdom

 Johan-Cristian Brotkin
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Rilli Willow
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 Adam King
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Hei kaikki! My name is Johan-Cristian, 29 years old and surfing from Helsinki. Performing in front of a huge crowd is my heart's desire, and when I was four years old, my grandpa said that I'm either going to be a rock star or an actor. Still waiting for it to happen ;).

The first Eurovision show I remember watching all the way through was the Dublin 1997 contest.

I've recorded and performed rock, metal, ballads and EDM. In 2013 I participated in Finnish Idols and ended up being the 7th. Since then I've done some touring in Finland with my previous band "New Media".

Nowadays I mostly sing karaoke and write universally emotional lyrics. I want also to draw emotions with my voice. And if I can make someone happy in these confusing times, it would bring me a lot of pleasure. That's why I'm here.
Shalom, my name is Rilli Willow. I‘m a singer, composer, actress and writer. Together with violinist and composer Benedikt Bindewald I‘m 50% of the German-Israeli duo „Die Auster Bunny“.

I‘m proud of the "Ehud Manor prize for Israeli singing" I won in 2006 and 2009 and to sing both German and Israeli national anthem at the 2015 European Maccabi Games opening ceremony, held in Waldbühne, Berlin.

I've been watching Eurovision since I was a little girl. As a family event we love and know songs from early and late years. My strongest moment from Eurovision is, of course: Dana International in 1998 and the suspense we were under until the last minute. Malta and Israel had both 166 points. The last country to vote gave us 8 points and as a dramatic girl I thought Malta would win instead of Israel. But then Malta did not get any points, so me and my family screamed with joy! That was one of the happiest Eurovision moments for me (:


I’m Adam King from Liverpool – UK.

Music and singing are two of my biggest passions and from being on the karaoke circuit, I was coached to develop my singing and have since performed at various social events around North-West UK.

I won OGAE UK’s ‘Eurostars 2015’ performing the Cypriot entry ‘The One Thing I Should Have Done’ and was really excited to be part of the jury with Joe and Jake, and Krista Siegfrids the following year.

Last year I also performed my own show for UK Eurovision event ‘Manchester Calling’ and shared the stage with UK 1989 entrant, Raymond Caruana.

I grew up watching Eurovision and my earliest memory is Sandra Kim winning for Belgium in 1986 and I finally went to the contest in 2011 and have since been to 4 more – I love it!

I am looking forward to be representing OGAE UK in Berlin!


representing OGAE Finland

with the song "The Saviour"
originally sung by Anders Ekborg
(Melodifestivalen 2010 Sweden)

representing OGAE Israel

with the song "Ey Sham"
originally sung by Ilanit
(Eurovsion Song Contest 1973, Israel, 4th place)

representing OGAE UK

with the song "One Step Out Of Time"
originally sung by Michael Ball
(Eurovision Song Contest 1992, UK, 2nd place)


Christina Thuresson
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Howard Atkinson
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Caroline Lövrell Brodén
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My name is Christina Thuresson and I’m 24 years old. I was born in Sweden and have lived in Denmark since 2011.

Music is precious to me. I sing in a church choir and have sung in 6 choirs in total since I was 14 years old.
I also play the guitar. The 3rd of December 2016 I won the annual song competition before “Vintergalan” in Malmö Arena.

My first Eurovision memory is the Eurovision Song Contest from 1999, where I became enchanted by Eurovision and have been ever since.

Hi, I’m Howard. I was born in the UK and have lived in Germany for over 25 years.

I have dual British-German nationality, but in Eurovision terms I consider myself an honorary Icelander. I love the country and am a member of FÁSES, the Icelandic OGAE. I regularly attend Söngvakeppnin, the Icelandic national final, and have met many Icelandic Eurovision stars, including Hera Björk, Selma and Páll Óskar.

I have always enjoyed singing, songwriting and performing; as a boy, I sang soprano for 5 years in the cathedral choir in York, my home city, and I submitted a song, "I Don’t Really Care", to the UK Eurovision selection in 2001.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of performing in phonetically-learned Icelandic in Berlin, and I simply hope I can make OGAE Iceland proud
Hello, I'm Caroline Lövrell Brodén and I'm 28 years young and living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Music has always been my biggest passion and because of that almost everything I did in my life has been something with music.
When I was 8 years old I saw Jill Johnson on TV; singing "Kärleken är" at the Eurovision. That song soon was also the very first song I sang in front of an audience! Since then I've been a fan of Eurovision and Melodifestivalen.

Through my career, I have not only been singing. I worked as a dance teacher for over 10 years. I have also been part of different choirs and performing together with various bands, ensembles and in musical theatre.
A very different project I like to mention were my writings and recordings of lead-songs for a Swedish-Brazilian DJ.

Right now, I´m studying and starting a new chapter in my life – working with children. But I will continue to live my passion for the music as well as Eurovision!

representing OGAE Denmark

with the song "La Det Swinge"
originally sung by the Bobbysocks
(Winner of Eurovision 1985 for Norway)

representing OGAE Iceland/ FÁSES

with the song " Núna"
originally sung by Bo Halldórsson
(Eurovision Song Contest 1995, Iceland, 15th place)

representing OGAE Sweden

with the song "The Queen"
originally sung by Velvet
(Melodifestivalen 2009 Sweden)


Regő Kovács
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Pavlo Fylypps'kyy
Facebook | Website | #HardPavloKiss

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Egor Luts
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Hello everybody! =)

I’m Regő Kovács from Hungary, and it’s a very big pleasure for me to represent OGAE Hungary for the very first time at the OGAEvision Song Contest in Berlin.

I’m a 21 year old, always happy and powerful boy from Budapest, and I study landscape architecture in the Hungarian capital as well.

My first Eurovision was the 56th edition, in Düsseldorf – but unfortunately only on TV. One of my biggest experiences in my life was to see for the first time ever a Eurovision stage in Kyiv – I almost passed out =).

My favourite ESC song is Euphoria, it describes me sometimes =)

I really hope you will have a very great time, and I will help you too with singing a song at the contest!

See you in July! =)

So, my name is Pavlo Fylypps'kyy, and I'm about to represent Ukraine at this year's Eurovision Weekend that takes place in my favourite Berlin.

I always try to be honest, so though I can not consider myself a Eurovision-addict in any way, since the first Ukrainian entry in 2003 I've not missed a single year watching the shows every May. :)

As long as I remember myself I've always been fond of music and all kinds of emotions it brings, as well as of nice people from all over the world, and Eurovision in this regard always seems to be 2 in 1, so it will be really a great pleasure for me to meet ya all in mid-July in Berlin.

See you soon!

Hello for everyone!

I'm Egor Luts. I was born in Siberia, now I live in Moscow and work as a sound engineer in the theatre.

I like traveling very much, and of course I just love Eurovision!

I'm participated in two pre-selections for Eurovision in 2014 from Ukraine and in 2015 from Moldova. Last year, with my competitive song "The Queen of the Road" for the first time represented Russia at the OGAE song contest and took the honorary 11th place :)

This time I will perform the song of Dmtry Koldun, I hope you will like it.

 representing OGAE Hungary

with the song "What About My Dreams"
originally sung by Kati Wolf
(Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Hungary, 22nd place)

representing OGAE Ukraine


with the song "Helpless"
originally sung by "The Hardkiss"
(preselection 2016 Ukraine)

representing OGAE Russia

with the song "Work Your Magic"
originally sung by Koldun
(Eurovision Song Contest 2007, Belarus,  6thplace)


 Bar Rotem & Dewayne Barkley
Facebook Dewayne | Facebook Bar | #TheVoices

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 Call Me Survivor
Facebook Verena | Facebook Florian | #CallMeSurvivor

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Joseph Refalo
Facebook | Website | #JosephRefalo4OGAEMalta

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My name is Dewayne Barkley. I come originally from Alabama in the USA, but live in Germany since 1997.

My partner is Bar from Tel Aviv in Israel, living in Berlin since 2015.

As a memeber of OGAE Austria, I was asked by the president of the club to represent them this year at the OGAEvision Song Contest in Berlin. I immediately asked Bar if she would like to sing with me in the contest, as we have sung many times together in various karaoke events.

We have chosen a duet.
The Eurovision Weekend 2013 brought them together as friends. Four years later, Verena and Florian both are living in Düsseldorf, the Eurovision capitol of Germany.

Now they perform together under their project name “Call me Survivor”.

In Berlin, they will wave the German flag and compete with their very own version of “Verona” to which they have written new lyrics in german.

Joseph Refalo, born and raised in Gozo, Malta’s sister island, is one of the most recognisable talents in the local music scene, having worked his way up the ladder.

Throughouth his career, he has been a part of several spectacles, most notably the ‘Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza’ and the ‘Summer Hit Song Contest’ where he has had the opportunity to share new and original material in both Maltese and English.

Since 2015, Joseph became a resident singer on “Ħadd Għalik”, the most watched television programme on Sunday afternoons in Malta, which airs on Television Malta, the main broadcasting arm of the national broadcaster.

Now in 2017, Joseph is thrilled at the opportunity to represent his country at the OGAEvision Song Contest in Berlin, visiting the beautiful town for the very first time and touching the world of Eurovision, one of which he’s a true fan of.

representing OGAE Austria

with the song "The Voice"
originally sung by Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț
(preselection 2016 Romania)
representing the German fan clubs


with a German version of the song "Verona"
originally sung by Koit Toome & Laura
(Eurovsion Song Contest 2017, Estonia)

representing OGAE Malta

with the song "I've Bee Waiting For This Night"
originally sung by Donny Montell
(Eurovision Song Contest 2016, Lithuania,  9thplace)

Idea and rules

The debut of the OGAEvision Song Contest last year was a great success, and so the contest among fans from different countries will become an essential part of the Eurovision Weekend.

Again the fan clubs have the right to nominate a candidate representing their fan club in the OGAEvision Song Contest of the Eurovision Weekend, they are free in their choice and can nominate any act they identify with. So the competition is between the fan clubs as well as between their representatives. For the right to take part in the contest, all member organisations of OGAE international can apply to the OGAEvision team, the number of participants is limited to twelve, so it`s "first come, first serve". So fan clubs are asked to register as soon as possible, if they want to take part, and then choose one act to represent them, that’s completely up to the fan club ! Any Eurovision entry or preselection entry is allowed, but no song can be sung twice, songs with a wide variety of languages, decades and style are always welcome, as we celebrate diversity !

Only the first twelve fan clubs to register will be in the competition…

The OGAEvision Song Contest:

Idea: Twelve representatives of fan clubs compete in the OGAEvision Song Contest 2017.

Entry: Every member fan club of OGAE International can nominate a candidate for the OGAEvision Song Contest, the Leadership Team of each fan club decides about the procedure of the nomination.

Juries: During the contest representatives of each competing fan club build the fan club jury, the audience also awards points for their TOP 3.

Voting: The participating fan clubs award points from 1 to 12 and - like in Eurovision - you cannot vote for your own fan club. The voting procedure for the fan club juries is like in former Eurovision times (all votes announced by spokespersons of the participating fan clubs), then the accumulated votes of the audience will be announced, so that the public vote will reveal the winner in the end.

Nominations: Every member fan club of OGAE International can take part, but there are only twelve acts in the contest, so a quick registration for the participation in general is recommended.
The nomination of the act itself has to be given to the organising team until the 22nd of April 2017, so that promotion for the participants of your fan club is already possible during the ESC in Kiev.

Support: The fan clubs nominating acts are asked to support their entry like a delegation and give their acts the best possible conditions to be successful (any idea welcome).