Idea and rules

The third edition of the OGAEvision Song Contest, a contest among fans from different countries, has become an essential part of the Eurovision Weekend.

Again the fan clubs have the right to nominate a candidate representing their fan club in the OGAEvision Song Contest of the Eurovision Weekend, they are free in their choice and can nominate any act they identify with. So the competition is between the fan clubs as well as between their representatives. For the right to take part in the contest, all member organisations of OGAE international can apply to the OGAEvision team, the number of participants is limited to twelve, so it`s "first come, first serve". So fan clubs are asked to register as soon as possible, if they want to take part, and then choose one act to represent them, that’s completely up to the fan club ! Any Eurovision entry or preselection entry is allowed, but no song can be sung twice, songs with a wide variety of languages, decades and style are always welcome, as we celebrate diversity !

Only the first twelve fan clubs to register will be in the competition…so far there are nine countries confirmed:

Idea: Twelve representatives of fan clubs compete in the OGAEvision Song Contest 2018.

Entry: Every member fan club of OGAE International can nominate a candidate for the OGAEvision Song Contest, the Leadership Team of each fan club decides about the procedure of the nomination.

Juries: During the contest representatives of each competing fan club build the fan club jury, the audience also awards points for their TOP 3.

Voting: The participating fan clubs award points from 1 to 12 and - like in Eurovision - you cannot vote for your own fan club. The voting procedure for the fan club juries is like in former Eurovision times (all votes announced by spokespersons of the participating fan clubs), then the accumulated votes of the audience will be announced, so that the public vote will reveal the winner in the end.

Nominations: Every member fan club of OGAE International can take part, but there are only twelve acts in the contest, so a quick registration for the participation in general is recommended.
The nomination of the act itself has to be given to the organising team until the 22nd of April 2018, so that promotion for the participants of your fan club is already possible during the ESC in Kiev.

Support: The fan clubs nominating acts are asked to support their entry like a delegation and give their acts the best possible conditions to be successful (any idea welcome).